The author Liz wearing a black lace and silk balconette bra and thong by designer Else Lingerie.

There hasn’t been much talk about Else lately.

I’d like to remind you of, or introduce you, to this designer. TL;DR, amazing.

The Else atelier is based in Istanbul, headed up by Ela Onur, who was born into the artisanal lingerie field (what I would give to be her…to grow up with that exposure. Sigh). Each piece is handcrafted in her atelier with gorgeous silks and laces. She takes inspiration from old Hollywood glamour and it shows in the longline bras, high waisted panties, cutouts and striking details of each of her collections.

More recent collections have seen a return to greater textural play between lace and mesh as well as the use of cutaways, and not just in her knickers, which adds a lovely modern twist to her glamourous range.

Personally, I own 2 of her slips and 3 of her longline bra sets. The above slip is the Serenity lace cutout slip in steel blue from the SS15 collection. The cutouts and the stretch of the lace here are just amazing. It fits like a glove and I’m in love. I’m also enjoying the look of her Baklava line – much more geometric and a bit bolder than softer laces and designs, which could add a nice pop to any collection. And it’s also one of my favourite desserts.

The other Else pieces I have include:

  • Silk & Lace “V” wired bra in soft gold (with matching thong)
  • Signature longline corsette bra in black (with matching thong)
  • Petunia racerback slip in black

While I feel like on my body type the longline bra/high-waisted panty combination isn’t the most flattering, I can’t help but buy it because I so enjoy the design of her collections. I think Else (and Ela) is my perfect designer, one who seems to be incredibly in sync with exactly what I’m looking for – detail in lace and structure, a hint of masculinity and old world glamour.

In terms of purchasing, she has an online shop which ships internationally, as well as collections through Anthropologie or now, Bloomingdales.

Else Lingerie I solemnly request you at least take a look at. She’s a designer who absolutely resonates with me and I think really gets what lingerie is all about to me – primarily empowerment, confidence and strength rather than purely sex appeal. Though it is nice for bedroom games as well, as is this all.

Signature Longline Corsette



In the Signature longline I had more luck with the fit of the bra than the bottoms. I am pretty much a book-standard 36C and Else fits true to size. The strappy part of the bra (real technical, I know) in the front while it has some stretch is more silk than elastic, so I could forsee women with a different more cantilevered breast shape have some issues with digging around the front.

As a longline, the fit around the ribs can also be a worry; here with this bra the right taper is there to get the fit right without digging in too much. I think a good part of the reason for this is the mesh which sits at the top of the cup and follows down – so you have lace at the gore (center), then a section of silk, then mesh, which alternates around the back as well.
I have this bra at the last eye and hook, but that was in part laziness – as a longline, there are 5 hooks to deal with. And while I put on a bra the right way, it’s still tough to hook that many clasps, especially if it’s particularly early in the morning.

With the bottoms, the silk again means there is a bit less stretch to this than I anticipated. I bought (and tried on) a size large. You can see here it digs a teensy bit at the hips. If I could go back I probably would’ve gone with an XL. I think I’m just too used to accepting that underwear will probably dig in somewhere to recognise when I’m shopping that, yes, I could go up a size in the bottoms. Sigh.


I won’t lie, this looks BAMF. I think what pulled me the most to this set, and to Else as a designer is the textural play. Here’s it’s particularly pointed with the alternating silk and lace as well as the silk/lace half-cup. The lace lays flat as well so its actually not bad to wear under something relatively close to the body.


I’ve worn this multiple times under multiple different outfits and honestly felt like I wasn’t wearing anything more than a t-shirt bra. I knew better though. It never got tight or pinched or slid down my shoulders as bras are wont to do. In fact, I think sometimes I ghost-felt like it was falling down my shoulders but really wasn’t.

This is not a bra to wear if you’re looking for padding. There’s some light padding in the half-cup merely from the material, and this is a more ‘hold and separate’ than ‘lift and cleavage’ bra, which is my personal preference. The material is relatively light and breathable, though I probably wouldn’t wear this in the height of summer.

As for the bottoms, the lesser stretch of the silk means a bit of a pinch around the back after a days wear. Not ideal, but not the end of the world.


This piece makes me feel like a boss bitch. Excuse the language. Some of Else’s pieces make me feel soft and pretty, this one makes me feel like I could take on the world and all those other cliches. This is a ‘I’m going to kill my annual review’ set rather than a ‘meet cute first date’ piece in my world. I would put this on in the morning if I’m feeling particularly low – this is a power confidence booster. This is the reassurance you know your shit and can get things done. This is swagger.

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