The author Liz wearing a sheer black bodysuit with detailed lattice and snake embroidery by designer Erica M.

EricaM is one of those designers I got introduced to by my friend Deb (who happens to own a luxury lingerie shop in upstate New York) and, you guessed it, fell in love.

EricaM is a relatively new design house in the lingerie field, launching fully in 2012. Based out of Brooklyn, she has all her garments and pieces made in Italy. I was introduced to her designs through her stockings, which are unique in my mind to the stockings world.

Not only are her stockings and tights high quality fabrics which (have so far) hold up to wear, she has some of the most eye-catching designs in the industry, with a trompe l’oeil feel to them. While I have her Ava stockings, I’m lusting after her Azza hosiery, and I think you can see why with this:

Photo credit: EricaM

What Erica absolutely slays as a designer is the unexpected and glamourous detail in all of her designs. All extremely well made and detailed to the point most creators won’t take it anymore, these designs are a balm to my art historical bent and appreciation for the actual process of production – think about the number of man hours it takes to map out some of her designs!

She’s not shy about the fact that a lot of her inspiration (at least in her more recent collections) comes from Art Nouveau and old Holywood glamour. EricaM also designs bodysuits – I have the ‘Margit‘ as well as, again, lusting after her ‘Hanako‘. You’re looking at some of the incredible detail in her ‘Margit’ bodysuit on me here:

Photo credit: Lingerie By Day
She uses a number of different cuts and designs with her body pieces, from crops to high cut bodysuits and more, what remains consistent through all is the quality and uniqueness of the make and the design.
Purchasing through her website is likely the most accessible for visitors, though she does have a limited number of stockists in the United States, Australia and beyond.

Margit Bodysuit


EricaM makes her bodysuits in S/M/L sizing – I ordered a L and I fluctuated (at the time of purchase) between a US 10-14. It fit my torso alright, and the fabric didn’t cut in or anything. This is a high waisted bodysuit, so you may want to trim areas you don’t typically…

The back is cut just as high waist, though I found the thong back didn’t pinch, even though it’s a wide cut in the back.

I had 2 major issues with the Margit bodysuit – the zipper can get quite sticky, as it’s a wider zip; and there is no gusset clips so practicality is a bit difficult. Some of her bodysuits do have gusset clips, though not all.

Photo credit: Lingerie By Day


The Margit bodysuit is a worthwhile investment at $250USD. The detailing along on the stitching and design is incredible, reminscent of the Art Nouveau movement which inspired it – and the snake motif stands out as one you wouldn’t typically see in luxury lingerie. Who would do that kind of detailed patterning on sheer black mesh? Erica M.

The bold colouring of the yellow and blue stand out brightly on this black colourway (and she does a white version as well).


Because of the aforementioned lack of gusset clips and the somewhat sticky zipper, the bodysuit isn’t as comfortable as it could be for longer wear.

In terms of fabrics, neither the mesh nor the embroidery (which doesn’t have any backing so as not to destroy the see-through aspect of the bodysuit) are particularly itchy. I mean, silk would definitely feel smoother, this mesh is relatively fine, though, so it’s nothing too harsh against the skin.


EricaM as a whole makes me feel quietly uber-confident – something about the detailing against the skin makes me feel complete in ways other lingerie doesn’t. It feels…more indulgent. It gives me that quiet smirk of satisfaction. A silent reminder the glorious, beautiful things do exist and I know what they look like.


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