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The author Liz wearing a spiderweb lace bodysuit by designer Hopeless Lingerie.

Hopeless Lingerie is one of the indie brands of the moment. Gaby tends towards the dark and strappy, though uses a number of fabrics. I have a few of her pieces and can say that aesthetic runs true. One of my favourite pieces of hers is soft bamboo jersey. (The Phoebe knickers, which I have in both red and pink!)


Pretty much all of Hopeless Lingerie runs S/M/L to a few XX’s either way, with custom sizing available if you have the need: wider back, tiny waist, large bust, etc. And the majority of Gaby’s pieces have adjustable straps somewhere, though often I find the hardware difficult to move with ease.

Personally, her standard ‘off-the rack’ mesh pieces and sizing does not work for my body, as the mesh hugs in rather than sitting flat and I tend to hold my fat in my stomach, so pieces like her harness knickers cut strange lines on my body around my stomach and hips, as you can see in the photo above.

Appearence (Materials)

Gaby works in dark colours: stretch laces, sheer mesh and bamboo jersey.

The pieces of hers I own which tend to work best for me and I enjoy the most are the bamboo jersey – the comfort of the material is one of the reasons I would part with the money I have for her pieces.


As previously mentioned, her bamboo knickers are supremely comfortable.

Pieces made from other materials depend on the cut. Her harness knickers and the strappy bits tend to cut in at my stomach regardless of the size, which makes it that tiny bit less comfortable.


Hopeless Lingerie is one of the more expensive indie brands out there, with knickers usually sitting around $100AUD and bras and bralettes from anywhere between $150-$300AUD, depending on the detail and the fabric. Bodysuits usually sit around $250AUD.

Personally, my tastes tend elsewhere, though I’m glad I gave her designs a try. I can say, if these designs work for your aesethetic, then you’ll be a happy camper.

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