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A woman wearing a sheer high neck black bra by designer la fille d'o

For all that I own of this designer based out of G(h)ent, Belgium (read:lots), I have yet to write a feature. And that is one that should be remedied sooner rather than later.

Introduction / History of designer

la fille d’O began in 2003 with the designer, murielle, wanting to see in the market the lingerie she wanted to wear – but in Belgium, in didn’t exist. (The main lingerie producer there being Hunkmuller). Over and above and beyond that, la fille d’O is committed to slow fashion, supporting local economies and environmental responsibility, from the fabrics they source, to how they design, who they work with and how they produce.

Pieces I own & how I was introduced to them

I was introduced to la fille d’O by the lovely women at babylikestopony; I owe Meg and Lee and great amount of gratitude for the number of different designers they’ve introduced me to over the years. I didn’t think la fille d’O would be the right pieces for me, at first – too minimal, too basic. Too standard.

But god, what basics. And how un-standard.

If you know my lingerie buying history, I tend to go with the interesting rather than the market trend. With the unique and textural over the practical or pretty.

And generally, I’d say la fille d’O falls right into my buying habits, in the same way, though a different execution than usual. For the la fille d’O team, what is unique comes into the way the fabric is cut, the seams, the visibility of the actual making process, and the fabric itself. You wouldn’t see la fille d’O underwear folded neatly in my drawers and think to yourself, “oh, yes, this will be really unique”, but then you put it on your body and it’s a whole different story.

One of the things la fille d’O is known for is their monowire bras – I own two, one in red and one in black, different styles, worn just as frequently. I need to sit down and do the math, but I wouldn’t be surprised if la fille d’O was one of my highest count designers, and one of my most well-worn. I own:

  • Dark lands open bra
  • Mirrors black high-waist brief
  • Got it black brief
  • Risings monowire black bra
  • Exactitude strappy black brief
  • To myself nude balconette bra
  • She done nude high waist briefs
  • Halt black overt briefs
  • Trouble ouvert suspender
  • Good boy black thong
  • His girl high waist brief
  • Fast girls red monowire bra
  • Howlings black bodysuit

Fabrics / cuts / styles

la fille d’O works primarily in high-quality polyester (lycra), which also allows much of the collections to be suitable both as underwear and as swimwear; usually in blacks and nudes for the capsule wardrobe of lingerie. I’ve jumped in glee when they’ve had red and other colours; I feel like a navy or a royal blue would be spectacular, but hey, I’m not the designer.

The cuts and styles are made to fit the body and allow you to appreciate your form in it’s raw state with appreciation and a new eye. There are lots of surprising sheer elements (backsides of briefs and full bodysuits, for instance) and if you’re new to the world of lingerie, you may think “sheer, so what?!”. Let me tell you – sheer is one of the most powerful statements in lingerie, as the person wearing it. Because what you’re saying is…I really don’t need any decoration, I’m awesome how I am. There is literally no hiding with anything sheer; it’s not a wallflower statement.

Who la fille d’O works for // OR what I like

Everything la fille d’O does I like – if I had the spare funds I would definitely buy some of their clothing, but alas, I don’t have a spare $900 to fund my dreams, and then get the right bodysuit to wear with it as well. Damn Europeans.

If you’re a person who likes your lingerie soft and feminine (which I absolutely recognise there are people who do, and no judgement), la fille d’O may not the best designer for you, though who knows – personally I think their designs are actually super femme, so give them a try anyway? If you’re a fan of clean lines, comfortable undergarments and unconventional designs, I would strongly recommend trying a piece from this designer.

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