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Liz wears the red plaid "Alexa" bra and high waist brief from Lonely Lingerie with black stay-ups.

I heard about Lonely not too long after I came to Australia, but it took me a long time before I actually pulled the trigger and purchased. I had heard that their sizing wasn’t for everyone, and there weren’t many stockists in Sydney so I was reluctant to purchase online without knowing what my size would be or if their style would work for me. 

Luckily I found a local stockist that was actually having a closing down sale and I got the plaid Alexa set, and it was a pretty perfect fit. Though I have some of my friends who they don’t work well for; for me I’m wide set and so the designs work pretty perfectly. 

Introduction / History of designer

Lonely Lingerie is a New Zealand based company, and was officially founded in 2009, after Helene Morris & Steven Fergeson originally created the Lonely Hearts Club label in 2003. 

Pieces I own & how I was introduced to them

My introduction to Lonely Lingerie and my buying history has been relatively piecemeal. 

For a long time, and a little bit still, I’m reluctant to pay full price for them, I think because they don’t always hit the textural interest side of me, and a few years back were a bit too much in the strappy-strappy space for me to want to buy them. That’s slowly changing though. (I just looked at the site and their Mischa would be an interesting purchase…)

 I own: 

Fabrics / cuts / styles the designer works in

Most of what lonely works in is a polyamide / spandex mix, manufactured ethically in China. 

Historically their colour scheme leaned towards basic nudes (often sheer, or sheer-ish). Again, I’m seeing that change, with some really interesting patterns, greens and fashion colours (yellow, magenta) being introduced. 

Who the designer works for / what I like

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re on the wider set side, lonely is a really good option for you for comfortable and yet still visually interesting designs. Like princesse tam tam they also seem to work better for smaller busts. 

Bras usually sit around 100AUD and briefs around 65AUD. 

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