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A woman in front of a floral backdrop wearing a thong bodysuit in nightshade by designer Fortnight Lingerie.

Fortnight Lingerie is one of those brands and designers I was introduced to and then when I wore it was a revolution in my brain. The concept of a fashion forward, un-wired, “basic” design was a new one for me. “Basic” in quotes because, let’s be honest, Fortnight is anything but basic. The cuts are universally flattering with incredible work(wom)manship and some amazing colourways.

I’m going to be writing a brand feature in the near future, so keep an eye out for that – and read on for the thoughts of the founder and creative mind behind Fortnight, Christina Remenyi:

What is the core of why you create lingerie, the mission, so to speak?

To make women feel beautiful and empowered. To design pieces that combine fit and function with an artful elegance that are easy to wear and flattering. We love that old world attention to detail and aim to bring more of that beauty and integrity to lingerie.

What is your background, how did you get involved in lingerie?

I studied fashion in University, but always loved lingerie. Its intimacy and functionality are so fascinating to me, but at the time I started developing the brand (2009), it was really difficult to find lingerie that wasn’t padded, very mature, or overly basic.

It was also particularly difficult to find sizes that extended beyond the typical A-D 34/36. I really wanted to create a line that took a different approach – fused fit and craftsmanship with fashion with a fresh approach to traditional lingerie.

What is your favourite aspect of lingerie?

The intimacy women have with their undergarments is truly inspiring.

willow thong bodysuit black

Willow thong bodysuit in black

What is one piece of advice you would give to every woman?

Getting properly fitted is an amazingly transformative experience. Over 80% of women are still wearing the wrong bra size. There are certain specifics you can look for that will help you find the perfect fit, which can also be found on our website.

The benefits of getting the right fit are profound. It will improve your circulation, elongate your waist, make you stand straighter and feel overall more comfortable and confident. I would also say, stay away from padded/molded bras. They will never support as well, feel as comfortable or last as long as a bra with seamed cups.

How do you define sexy?

Sexy is private, it’s innate, it comes from within and is something you cultivate as you age and grow as a woman.

ivy seamless high waist and longline black

Ivy seamless high waist and longline bra in black

What are you most proud of professionally?

My team of amazing women who help create Fortnight.

What would you say are your favourite materials to work with?

Hmmm… this is a tough one! I would probably say lace. Each different lace has a story and is it’s own work of art.

Favourite colours (to work with)?

I love tonal neutrals… there’s something so beautiful in their simplicity and nostalgic feel.

Vega high waist and demi bra in nightshade

Vega high waist and demi bra in nightshade

Thank you for your time Christina, I’m definitely a fan of tonal neutrals myself. Combine that with lace and I’m sucker punched, gobsmacked, whatever cliche you may want to use, I’m there. I’m glad that in instances where it was difficult to find what she was looking for in terms of lingerie, Christina went out and created her own! Truly an inspiration.

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