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A model wearing a black floral lace balconette bra by designer Else Lingerie.

In the midst of what I’m sure is a crazy busy beginning of the holiday season, the lovely Ela Onur (designer of Else), took the time to answer a few of my random and not-so-random interview questions, to get a feel for how she does what she does and what that looks like for her.


What is the core of why you create lingerie, the mission, so to speak

Besides being passionate about lingerie, I love the challenge it gives in terms of fit, design and being comfortable in it. Considering different bust sizes we need to make sure that the design gives the same support and comfort to everyone in different sizes.

What is your favourite aspect of lingerie?

I love the fact that it’s the first thing you put on your skin which creates the foundation and how it makes you feel the rest of the day. There is a very personal relationship which you can’t find in any other garment.

What is one piece of advice you would give to every woman?

They should wear beautiful lingerie everyday for themselves not just for special occasions and for others. With beautiful, I don’t mean the most expensive one.

How do you define sexy?

Having effortless appeal and confidence.

What are you most proud of professionally?

Else is the only high end Turkish lingerie brand which is produced in Istanbul in our own atelier that is sold globally in well known department stores and lingerie boutiques.

What would you say are your favourite materials to work with?

Lace and silk.


Favourite colours (to work with)?

Black, grey, and jewel colors.

What is an indulgence or luxury you couldn’t do without?
Traveling and eating good local food.

How do you relax?

Yoga, retreats, spending time with my dog.

Collaboration you’d love to do?

Would love to collaborate with Alexander Mcqueen for a lingerie collection.

Favourite piece from your own collections?

The Petunia underwire longline bra.

Favourite piece from another designer?

Bordelle’s Angela Dress.
Here, here on the Alexander McQueen collaboration, Ela. That’s one I’d love to see and probably snap up in one hot minute. Thank you again for the time and insight into your thought process and your designs. It’s the story behind the stories that always interest me.

All images credited to Else Lingerie unless otherwise specified.
Interview edited for clarity and length.

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