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I’ve had the pleasure lately of rather extended correspondence with the lovely ladies at Playful Promises – for various reasons – not entering discount codes, my computer dying and having to purchase a new one (so not being able to publish this sooner), lusting after their new Peek & Beau ranges…any number of things. And they’ve so nicely humoured me. I’d have to say thusfar the team at Playful Promises is one of the nicest I’ve encountered in the lingerie industry.

Playful Promises was a brand I was introduced to through the lingerie community on Instagram, and I’ve enjoyed their interesting play on digital prints in lingerie, which is not something you see in even vaguely quality lingerie, most of the time – Playful Promises is an exception. They’re definitely a mid-range, accessible brand rather than a crazy luxe brand; I’ll speak to this further in their brand feature.

In the meantime, Anna and Emma were nice enough to take some time out of their busy days and give a bit of a peek into what their world of lingerie looks like, and how it all pulls together:

How did you get started in the lingerie making business?

Emma’s obsession with lingerie was formed after buying her first pair of ‘grown-up’ knickers. This gloriously tiny, lacy g-string with a tulle skirted frill edged in velvet ribbon cost £25 (which was a fortune in the 90s to an 18 year old girl).

Of course, she couldn’t afford the matching bra and had to sacrifice going out that weekend but when she put on that g-string finery it was quite unlike any knickers she had worn before. The realization dawned that she could conquer the whole world in pants like those! Soon her drawers were overflowing with lacy, frilly, fabulous pieces, fueling Emma’s addiction to lingerie and the lust that drove her to design her own.
What is the core of why you create lingerie, the mission, so to speak?

We like to think that we create lingerie that rises beyond the social conventions of what a woman is supposed to be and allows our customers to feel comfortable in their own skin.
cordelia absinthe

What is your favourite aspect of lingerie?

The way different pieces can make you feel; one set might make you feel powerful, while another brings about a Lolita-esque innocence.

What is one piece of advice you would give to every woman?

Wear the size you feel comfortable in, rather than the size that has been deemed “correct” for your body. Perhaps you might prefer more of a push up aesthetic, go for it!

How do you define sexy?


What are you most proud of professionally?

We’re really excited and happy about how well our “Fuller Bust” collection did, which launched in late 2015. Following the success and feedback we are planning to launch a Curve collection (in sizes 38B-G, 40-42C-G and brief/suspender sizes UK18-24) and have included 30-36 DD-G cups into our main collections going forward. We’re also very excited on our next collection for our mini-brand, Peek & Beau.
portia suspender

Favourite colours (to work with)?

I love green, or working with our own printed fabric.

Edited for clarity, length and grammar. Unless otherwise stated, all images courtesy of Playful Promises.

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