Review: ‘Nina’ by Madalynne Intimates

The author Liz wearing a pink floral open lace longline bralette by designer Mmadelyne

This set was gifted to me courtesy of Madalynne Intimates. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

I actually encountered Madalynne Intimates a while back, I can’t quite remember how. I think it was because I saw the Maeve bodysuit on somebody’s instagram and fell immediately in lust. Anyone who could work with something that graphic and make something so girly and floaty and lovely I had to get my hands on. And a few months later, the stars aligned and I’ve been able to review the ’Nina’ set – of course dealing with the woes of living in Australia, and more particularly AusPost. Imagine, if I was living where I grew up, it would just be an hour train ride into Philly; Maddie and I could’ve probably gossiped over coffee and cobblestones. Alas, that’s not the case. Another time.


So I’m glad I ended up going with an M on the top and a L on the bottom. One of the cons of how I lost weight was that I lost it in my boobs and it stayed in my stomach! So I’m a bit uneven in terms of sizing and hip/bust-ness.

All of Madalynne’s sizing is XS/S/M/L and is based in the US – they’ve got a full size chart here. I found they’re pretty true to size, and have a bit of give because of the materials (at least for ‘Nina’) are relatively forgiving, even with the larger lace.

Appearance (Materials)

As I mentioned, at least for ‘Nina’, the fabric is pretty forgiving as it’s stretch lace, nylon, spandex (just a tad) and picot elastic.

Gawd, I’m a sucker for that biiiiig, graphic lace.


‘Nina’ is like a better weekend wireless. Still gives support (and honestly perhaps a bit of compression due to the racerback and no hook and eye at the back) and shape, but so much good. All the good things. If anything, it’s a bit uncomfortable to get out of like a sports bra – but at least you’re not all sweaty and gross trying to get out of the ‘Nina’ (in all likelihood ((cough)) insert that’s what she said joke here).


The confidence this set gives is a quiet one. A reminder that underneath your workaday Wednesday clothes you’ve got a really graphic floral print that makes you smile and brings a bit of sunshine to your morning when you put it on and your evening when you take it off. Sunshine distilled – I feel like that’s Maddie’s designs to a T.

Nina Halter Bralette (available in Blush, Lavender or Black) $49USD

Nina High Waist Underwear (available in same colours)$49USD

And if you want to try your hand at one of her DIY sewing kits, starting at $38USD, though the ‘Nina’ isn’t currently available.

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