Review: Peek and Beau ‘Lottie’

The author Liz wearing a black lace strappy bra with an open bottom cup and pasties on her nipples by designer Peek and Beau.

This set was gifted to me courtesy of Peek and Beau/Playful Promises. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

First things first, I will say, this is a unique set, and a first for me. I have never purchased an open cup bra in any way, shape or form before this point. The ‘Lottie‘ set by Playful Promises’ sub-brand, Peek & Beau, is my entree into this world. And I think it will be a hard one to beat.

The set is stunning, on a lot of different levels, and I think what called out to me initially about this set is what will keep me admiring it – the design. To me, it is quite unique. While there are other designers that do open cup bottoms, this one is much more skater punk/goth than frills. And while I love frills, the design here reached out to me in ways other open cups have yet to.

And please, if you have any questions about this set not answered in this review, please comment and I’ll do what I can to get back to you with my experience or get you in touch with the right people – Anna and the customer service team at Playful Promises are absolutely fab.


I won’t lie here, it took me a while to figure out how to get this bra to fit properly – in a way that didn’t give me quadra-underboob (which by the way, totally possible to still rock with a set of pasties…but not the most attractive – at least from the side – see the first image in this review).

What I found here is that yes, I’m wearing my standard size, which these days is a 34C, with the bra straps perhaps a little looser than I would in any other fit. This is in part because the actual hold of the bra is more on the harness elements of the bra than the straps.

In order to get yourself comfortably in the cup (e.g. no quadra-underboob, no nipple showing, etc) you should do the boob scoop, regardless of your cup size. This is a tad bit awkward because, well, there is no cup in the bottom half of the bra, so you’re essentially grabbing your boob and scooping it up a bit; it feels a bit less natural than it would if you had full coverage, and it obviously didn’t come naturally to me to grasp this is what was meant to happen.

I kept looking at the model on their site being like, ‘how in the hell are her nipples not showing? Is she just photoshopped?!’ I honestly thought it was a breast shape thing and for some reason my breast shape was just going to be nips out quadra-underboob with this set…then I had a lightbulb moment. Scoop!

And it looked so much more natural when I was done.

Because my breasts are slightly different sizes – my right is a bit bigger than my left – I did notice the material on the left gapped a little…but not really enough to be noticeable and definitely a known quantity and possibility for me because I am probably a half-cup size different in my breasts.

I’ve worn overt briefs before, so I’m used to the breezy behind. I went with the ladies advice and took a L in the brief. I may have been able to size down, as I feel like these are perhaps riding a little high on my waist; they’re still quite comfortable though and don’t cut in at the waist – which is essentially what I want in a pair of underwear. I’d always recommend either asking or looking at a sizing chart with designers, especially in other countries. Your L is not their L, most of the time.


The Lottie open base bra is constructed of black satin at the gore, black mesh for the strap construction, and black lace in the ‘cup’.
The cut out brief is black lace and black mesh.


While the actual bra and brief material is built comfortably, this piece – at least in my head – is not one meant to be worn for long wears. It’s much more of a boudoir piece.

Even while shooting the images, I was slipping out from the bottom and had to keep adjusting. Plus, I feel like it would get a bit…breezy if this lovely set was worn for a full day. That being said, if you have the breast size (I feel like this would actually be amazing for smaller cups) and breast shape (more upward facing nipples), you could totally get away with a cheeky secret all day with this set.



While any open cup bra is a confidence booster – especially in the bedroom – this one, to me, at least, is particularly empowering. Within itself there are both masculine and feminine references – the contrast pulls my spine a bit higher – black and lace, simple cut and strappy harnesses, it all lends a smolder and swagger to the evening.

Wear this when you know you want to take it off…or have it taken off you…relatively quickly. Or, maybe not so quickly…
Lottie Microfiber Open Base Cup £40
Lottie Microfiber Cut Out Brief £20

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