Flexible Dieting

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I have lost weight before, and where I’m trying to get to in terms of weight is where I was previously, for about 3 years. After that, office life set in and I wasn’t working on my feet for the majority of the day. Plus a number of other dietary factors.

The way I lost weight before was pretty much purely diet. As a college student, I tried to be good and go to the gym, but I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing when it came to weight training, so yeah. It was diet. It started off in the summer while I was at my parents. They were doing the South Beach Diet, and I ate what they were cooking, so in turn, I was doing the South Beach Diet.

I carried that over into my entire meal planning and lost about 10kg (20 pounds) in 3 months, or thereabouts. While I tried to sustain it in college, cooking South Beach meals in the dorm kitchen, etc. when I got back from abroad and started a 9-5 desk job, it wasn’t enough. Elimination diets, which South Beach is, only work so far before they start failing.

They’re good, in my mind, to kickstart weight loss, though less so at maintaining. Especially if diet is the only thing someone is relying on. And I wasn’t consistently exercising for any of that period, really. Though I did hire a personal trainer later on in China who’d yell at me, and who appreciated all the new English curse words he was learning from his American client.

This time around I’ve done things a little bit differently, and I think it’s something I can maintain: flexible dieting, or for the hashtaggers out there, #iifym (if it fits your macros).

look at all the carbs! So yummy!

I won’t lie. I eat ice cream. I like cake. Pancakes and french toast are a weakness. Flexible dieting lets me eat all that – sparingly, and using my own judgement, perhaps, but it lets me eat that. It lets me eat that if for the rest of the day I eat chicken and broccoli. Flexible dieting is really all about finding balance to hit your macronutrient goals (which should be set by a professional, please and thank you) – so yes, you can have that ice cream, but know it eats up half your daily carbohydrates and fat macros, so you’ve gotta be on point and plan the rest of the day around it.

In no way shape or form do I really know my shit when it comes to this. There are still days where I put something in My Fitness Pal and am like…it has how much fat/carb/protein?! WTF?! I just plan my days according to the macro & calorie deficit I’m currently in and hope for the best, which generally comes in the kind of resulting weight loss I’m looking for.

While I may have the self-confidence, all this, including my success thusfar with flexible dieting is really boosting my self-image and feelings of self-worth, which have been torn down a bit over the past years.
If you’re interested in learning more about flexible dieting and how it applies to your situation, please seek professional help from a nutritionist or personal trainer; all I can share with you is my own experience and what the results have been.

How do you build and grow your own feelings of self-image and self-worth?

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