Gaining Weight

The majority of us, will, as time goes on, regain some weight. For me, it’s slightly more fraught because I lost weight in the first place (circa 2015) for health reasons.

It’s 2021, and after a pretty ridiculous year for us all (and let’s be honest, before that by about six months) I gained about 10 kilos or 20 pounds back, from my lowest weight, which was 72 kilos (about 158lbs). The personal trainer I was working with then didn’t recomend I stay at 72, and we pulled my weight back up to about 78kg so I would be comfortable with the amount of calories I was eating on a regular basis.

Since then, at my highest I was up to about 85kg. Which when I saw it on the scale made me uncomfortable in my skin, but more importantly, was triggering some of my PCOS symptoms to return – which for me is more frequent cramping at a minimum. So I buckled down and am currently sitting around 83kg.

I plan on getting back down to 78kg. I’ll need to be tighter on the amount of protein I eat, as I’ve gotten back to weightlifting (thanks, vaccines), do more cardio and generally be more aware of when I snack and how active I am during the day, particularly when I work from home and am not necessarily moving around as much. (There were some days I was working from home in the beginning of 2020 where I walked less than 200 steps in a day!)

Why am I sharing this? Because:

  • accountability for me
  • transparency for the rest of the world that regaining weight is natural and can be managed in a healthy way
  • non-scale victories are just as important (3×10 sets of deadlifts at 85kg from 50kg less than 12 weeks ago)

I also work with personal trainers and people I trust with my health, and I know my body and how it reacts to different amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. I’ve been doing this for six years. If it’s new to you or if you’re taking on a new challenge – talk to someone other than the internet, please. The internet knows nothing.

PS one of the few things I’m sad about is I’m not sure when I’ll be able to fit back into my Murmur Sculpt bodysuit (in a gorgeous shade of eggplant, nonetheless) – I bought it towards the lower end of my weight loss journey, and there isn’t much give in the fabric. Cross your fingers for me, lingerie folk!

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