Designer Spotlight: Pillowbook

History Irene Lu started Pillowbook in 2012 after growing up in Taiwan and studying at FIT in New York and working with a prestigious costume designer, Yip Kam-Tim (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) for a few years.  Lu’s collection debuted in 2014 with production in Beijing, and focused on the sensuality of smaller busts through modernizing traditional Chinese undergarments, like the duduo.  For… Continue reading Designer Spotlight: Pillowbook

Designer Spotlight: Bordelle

So this is a designer spotlight I’ve slept on for a while. I’m not entirely sure why – perhaps because in my little lingerie bubble in Sydney, everyone knows about Bordelle, and often puts their wallet on the sacrificial altar to the goddesses of luxe kink. That being said, having a poke around the internet,… Continue reading Designer Spotlight: Bordelle

Lonely Lingerie

I heard about Lonely not too long after I came to Australia, but it took me a long time before I actually pulled the trigger and purchased. I had heard that their sizing wasn’t for everyone, and there weren’t many stockists in Sydney so I was reluctant to purchase online without knowing what my size… Continue reading Lonely Lingerie

la fille d’O

For all that I own of this designer based out of G(h)ent, Belgium (read:lots), I have yet to write a feature. And that is one that should be remedied sooner rather than later. Introduction / History of designer la fille d’O began in 2003 with the designer, murielle, wanting to see in the market the… Continue reading la fille d’O

Hopeless Lingerie

Hopeless Lingerie is one of the indie brands of the moment. Gaby tends towards the dark and strappy, though uses a number of fabrics. I have a few of her pieces and can say that aesthetic runs true. One of my favourite pieces of hers is soft bamboo jersey. (The Phoebe knickers, which I have… Continue reading Hopeless Lingerie


There hasn’t been much talk about Else lately. I’d like to remind you of, or introduce you, to this designer. TL;DR, amazing. The Else atelier is based in Istanbul, headed up by Ela Onur, who was born into the artisanal lingerie field (what I would give to be her…to grow up with that exposure. Sigh).… Continue reading Else


EricaM is one of those designers I got introduced to by my friend Deb (who happens to own a luxury lingerie shop in upstate New York) and, you guessed it, fell in love. EricaM is a relatively new design house in the lingerie field, launching fully in 2012. Based out of Brooklyn, she has all… Continue reading EricaM


I have always preferred thongs to briefs, one I got past those unfortunate early teen years, at least on an everyday kind of day. There are some days where full coverage is necessary, or for some reason I wake up and reach for the brief because it’s what my body confidence needs that day. Up… Continue reading Cosabella