The author Liz wearing a geometric black lace demi bra and pale purple lace thong by designer Cosabella.

I have always preferred thongs to briefs, one I got past those unfortunate early teen years, at least on an everyday kind of day. There are some days where full coverage is necessary, or for some reason I wake up and reach for the brief because it’s what my body confidence needs that day. Up until I found Cosabella, my everyday thong was cotton (and not very elastic) Victoria’s Secret PINK thongs, a carryover habit from the days when I was working at dear old Vicky’s. I thought they were as good as it gets for everyday.

Little did I know.

Cosabella Never Say Never thongs were introduced to me by my local upstate NY lingerie boutique owner. If you’ve never experienced these thongs…go out and find them. Now. I don’t care if you stop reading. (Well, maybe a little).

They’re one size fits all, which turned me off them a bit, but with a little convincing, I bought my first pair. I never looked back.

I’ve fluctuated between a US size 8-12 since I’ve started wearing them, and yes, because they are one size they do dig in a bit at my hips when I have a bit of padding. For everyday under jeans, pants, dresses and some skirts, though, they’re wonderful. If you’re looking for clean lines I’d suggest going to shapewear or high-rise rather than these thongs, but goodness me, Cosabella thongs are so comfortable sometimes I personally don’t care about the clean lines.

They’re wide stretch lace and have, for a thong, relatively decent ‘coverage’. I’ve yet to experience the annoying wedgie feeling you can get with some thongs with the Never Say Never range. Occasionally I’ve gotten awkward shifting of the crotch panel if I’ve got a particularly strenuous day, which led to some strange moments with the gusset, and I definitely would recommend a more breathable brief or thong in the height of summer (especially if you’re wearing a skirt or prone to chafing) but overall, after 3 years of near-daily use, I have no complaints about this range.

Never Say Never thongs retail at $26(USD), which when you compare to the bottoms of most matched sets, aren’t bad, and come in a range of colors. In fact, their philosophy is based around “Freedom of Colour” and it shows – there are currently more than 50 colors available for the Never Say Never thong alone.

Cosabella has been a family run business for 30 years. If you’re ethically inclined, they still produce their garments in Italy, like they did back in 1983 when the husband and wife team began it all.

While I was introduced to them as an everyday staple (with the Never say Never thong and the recently-reintroduced Ceylon Bra, which, if you can get your hands on, is incredible), the brand is also quite adept at the luxury game, which I look forward to trying out in the future.


In the last few years Cosabella released the Besty bra, which was a collaboration with Betsy Heimann, the costume designer for Pulp Fiction and Almost Famous, among others. I’ve seen it in stores and definitely lusted after it. It’s one of those unique pieces, with a plunging v push up and attached sleeves, that could make an outfit.

Other luxury staples from the brand include the Fetherson collection with a dreamy, Sunday morning softness feel and the Lusso collection with a detailed, sensuous feel – all black, of course. (The Roma line here is particular catching my eye – I love intricate detail work like that).

Cosabella is the first brand I’m introducing you to, in part, because it is my daily wear. My set and forget better basic. The quiet thrill and everyday glamour. And if you’ve yet to experience that in life, I hope you do.

What’s been your experience with Cosabella?

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