Katie Rackley, SJ Lingerie

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, one of the things I absolutely love about this venture is how many passionate people I’ve been introduced to one way or another because of it. Katie is one of those people.  Her designs at SJ Lingerie stand apart for the feminine ways she integrates floral lace and… Continue reading Katie Rackley, SJ Lingerie

Emma Parker & Anna Sampson, Playful Promises

I’ve had the pleasure lately of rather extended correspondence with the lovely ladies at Playful Promises – for various reasons – not entering discount codes, my computer dying and having to purchase a new one (so not being able to publish this sooner), lusting after their new Peek & Beau ranges…any number of things. And… Continue reading Emma Parker & Anna Sampson, Playful Promises

Ela Onur, Else

In the midst of what I’m sure is a crazy busy beginning of the holiday season, the lovely Ela Onur (designer of Else), took the time to answer a few of my random and not-so-random interview questions, to get a feel for how she does what she does and what that looks like for her.… Continue reading Ela Onur, Else